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Litigation Support

The use of forensic accountants within litigation matters has been growing. More and more attorneys have come to realize the value forensic accountants can add to a case, delivering specialized accounting expertise in a number of areas.

From record requests through expert testimony, forensic accountants can prove invaluable in assisting counsel by obtaining adequate financial records, reviewing provided records for completeness and reasonableness, reconstructing records and accounts as needed, preparing support for interrogatories and depositions, performing calculations and providing expert witness services. Specific areas of expertise include bankruptcies, business valuations and various types of claims calculations.

Our firm specializes in fraud, employee embezzlement and financial crimes. We can assist with evaluating internal controls within organizations, as well as fraud prevention.

In addition, we have experience working with attorneys providing litigation support within several contexts and venues, including civil litigation, matrimonial matters and probate matters. In many cases our skills were used to assist counsel in drafting document requests, and no further involvement was needed. We have testified as experts in our field in state and federal court.

Prior case examples include partner and member disputes, employment issues, breach of contracts, tenant/landlord disputes, trespass and constructive interference matters.